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BLS Finance is a business and commercial financial firm, based in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. We are a multi-faceted organization, with multiple departments, offering a wide range of business financing solutions, meeting the most common needs of today's small to mid-size company. In this capacity, we are currently enagaged in [although certainly not limited to,] the following roles: *one of the nation's fastest growing commercial real estate loan originators, *a local, boutique, direct funder for small business loans and cash advances, *a U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loan originator for secured and unsecured loans. In addition to the roles mentioned above, we are well-equipped [given our location] to engage in various parterships with other financing companies to meet virtually any business financing need. Charlotte, NC ranks second in headquarters of banking resources nationwide, second only to New York City. Many of the nations largest banks operate here and the diversity is strong among banking sector and alternative lenders. The city limit itself boasts over 400 financial institution branch locations alone. This proximity allows us to build strong partnerships, offering our clients the best rates and financial products available on the market today.

Like BLS, many finance companies in the business world are inter-connected. A great aspect of this 'inter-connectivity' is the capacity to operate via a 'shared-funding' process called 'syndication'. Operating as a Funding Syndicate for business loans allows us to lower the interest rates (especially on unsecured options) for our clients, whilst simultaneously diversifying our internal risk profile. Simply put, we aim for our financing options to be a 'win-win' situation for both our clients and ourselves, in whatever capacity we may serve.

Commercial Real Estate Loans have also become popular on the alternative funding market in recent years, as the banking sector looks to distance itself from the 'booming' market [on the advice of their government regulators, in part]. We are proud to have been at the forefront of this 'new' market -- and on 'bankable deals', our rates have been at or below levels typically seen at local banks in the past. We also have the added benefit of being able to close 'un-bankable deals' on commercial loans, which would not otherwise have been financed or re-financed. Many times, we have even been able to acheive this with 'cash-out' options, bolstering the business' cash flow. Here at BLS, we understand that business financing is about much more than your personal credit profile or the size of your loan. We take pride in our work and we often arrange financing against the odds.

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Words From Our Vice President

"As a former owner of a Marketing Agency for 13 years, I fully understand the importance of having a business finance partner for our clients. What makes a successful campaign consists of products, services, creativity and budgets. All too often, everything looks great to the business owner, until they are served with the overall cost. It is estimated that 42% of all advertising campaigns are never fully optimized, due to lack of budget. We do our best work when we are able to help a business owner meet or exceed his or her growth projections. We do this through offering a wide variety of tailored financing solutions. Every situation is unique in business lending. This concept is at the heart of everything we do here at BLS Finance."

-- Mark Hurst. BLS Finance, LLC. - 01/14/2015.

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