Funding Options Explained:

Healthcare Services Financing

  • Leverage your business to raise significant working capital.

Here at BLS, we are always looking for ways which can make a situation a win for both the lender and the borrower. Healthcare businesses in general can have receivables hanging around much longer than other businesses; however, the companies who pay those receivables are usually very well respected debtors. This provides an opportunity for hospitals, general practices, clinics, pharmacies, transportation services and other healthcare-related companies to raise higher amounts of capital than possible in other industries.

Does your healthcare business struggle with cash flow? Give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for a healthcare loan with great low rates and unique terms which allow you to pay back your loan only as and when cash is flowing in.

Healthcare Services Financing can provide much needed liquidity by effectively leveraging your company in a way you may not have considered possible.

Use the funds as needed for:

  • - Setting up a Payroll Emergency Fund.
  • - Hiring Quality Employees.
  • - Purchasing Inventory.
  • - Financing Equipment.
  • - Bridge Health Insurance Reimbursement Delays.
  • - Upgrade Technology.
  • - Any other need which improves Business Performance.

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Recent Funding Case Study

A northern Texas home health agency had poor credit at the time of the original advance. They had filed for a personal chapter 13 bankruptcy slightly over a year prior to their application. As a result, their bank and various other lenders had turned them down for a small business loan. The company didn't accept credit cards, so a traditional cash advance loan was out of the question. They had taken two daily ACH loans with traditional finance companies. Due to the inconsistency in insurance reimbursement for home health businesses, this type of financing was burdensome to the business’ cash flow. Client was quoted as stating: "My last cash advance company offered $75,000 but I turned it down because they were normally withdrawing a fixed amount daily from our account. Paying two different companies turned out to be a burden since regardless of what our daily income or expenses were, the daily recoupment was a constant amount.”

-- Anonymous. Texas, USA - 10/12/2016.

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