Funding Options Explained:

Merchant Cash Advance

  • A simple and effective cash flow solution.

A merchant cash advance is different from other business loans or business credit lines because it is not really a loan. If you operate a business that also processes credit card transactions, then you are a merchant processor and can qualify for this type of financing.

A loan has an interest rate, which means that the amount will be 'amortized' in such a way that you will pay back more than you initially borrowed. However, with a merchant cash advance, the factoring company simply gives you less than the total amount they will collect from your credit card sales.

The simplicity of this business financing solution creates a win-win situation for both parties. The borrower is in a position to repay the advance with great flexibility and the lender is in a position of ownership of a percentage of the future receivables the business will receive.

Benefits of MCA Funding:

  • - The lending decision is primarily based on your credit card sales volume, not your personal credit score.
  • - As few as 60 days minimum time in business required of the company.
  • - Excellent for cash flow - during 'bad months', your payments are lower - during 'good months' your payments are higher.
  • - You control the process, funding only the total amount needed to solve your cash flow needs.
  • - Non-Recourse (the finance company takes all the risk).

Here at BLS, we offer MCA funding and other solutions that maximize flexibility and control of your cash flow situation.

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