Funding Options Explained:

Business Tax Lien Consolidation Loans

  • $75,000 - $3,000,000

Business Tax Lien Consolidation can afford breathing room after IRS settlements.

Tax Liens can mean the end for many business owners, but the end can be avoided if some of the pitfalls of the process are warded off ahead of time. The process with the IRS and other entities almost always follows the same format when the tax situation has gotten out of control, so planning can be quite simple if a business wants to stay afloat. If your company has gone through a recent tax lien settlement and is now starting to feel the pinch of the (usual) hefty payment plan associated, call us (980) 202-7990. We would be happy to discuss your situation.

If you have not yet reached a settlement, but are currently engaged in negotiating a reduction, we can help you plan for the settlement payment demand by pre-approving you for credit. This way when the settlement is reached, your company will be ready to handle the lump-sum demand, without any significant disruption to business. Some of the main benefits of our business tax lien consolidation loan program include:

  • No Lien Limit – Consolidate as many tax liens/settlements as needed to free up cash flow for your business.

  • Longer Terms - Significantly longer terms than IRS or state government payment plans.

  • Liens Immediately Closed – Tax liens are paid off immediately, lifting the judgment(s) encumbering the business owner's property and personal credit profile.

  • Raise Extra Working Capital – Much needed extra working capital can be consolidated into the same loan facility, in many cases.

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