Funding Options Explained:

Titled-Asset Sale Leaseback Financing

  • Leverage titled company assets to raise working capital.

If your business is searching for a working capital solution with longer terms and low rates, Titled-Asset Sale Leaseback Financing can be a great option. This type of business loan secures your company's equipment to create cash flow. Any asset with a free "title" is suitable for this type of financing, i.e. Farm Tractors, Heavy Equipment, Trailers, Porta-Cabins, etc.

How does Titled-Asset Sale Leaseback Financing work? This is a great solution to leverage your titled company assets and put them to work for your bottom line. We secure your assets against the loan and provide you with longer terms and better rates than unsecured lines of credit.

If your company is frustrated by a lack of available capital, Titled-Asset Sale Leaseback Financing can provide the necessary liquidity by effectively leveraging your company in a way you may not have considered possible.

Some of the finer points of this program include:

  • - Transactions up to $75,000 per asset.
  • - 18 - 36 Month Terms.
  • - No minimum Credit Score.
  • - Asset must be titled and in good working order.
  • - Asset must be manufacture year 2000 or newer.

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